Vivian Albert

Vivian Albert, Dispatch Supervisor

vivian2014     I have decided to take a moment to give a little bit of information about who I am, why I’m here, and what I’m hoping to accomplish.  My name is Vivian, and in some cultures it means “lively” in which fits me to a tee!  I have retired from 25 years of Cardiology Services in the Northeast Healthcare System, and moved to central Florida with my husband, Louis, 8 years ago to experience the Florida laid back lifestyle!  Well, you see that did not last too long.  Upon arriving in Florida, our new neighbor, Faye, suggested that I apply for the Dispatch position at Voyager Aviation.  With all of my experiences with ethnic background, a wonderful palate for all food types and just enjoying meeting new people has made this experience fun.  Helping a customer, pilot, or just answering questions to expedite one’s flying experience gives me great joy.  I have been here at Voyager for  many years, and have met some of the most wonderful people, including pilots, coworkers, and even some 4 legged friends!  I will end with saying what I have accomplished; the ability to still Smile, Laugh, and keep on helping each other.  Thank you for visiting us online and hopefully we will soon meet, or for the returning customer…meet up again sometime!