Thomas Newman

Thomas Newman, Instructor; CFI, CFII


     Ten years before I retired from my position as a Public School Administrator in Arlington, Virginia, I made a flippant comment to a close friend that “I have always wanted to fly an airplane.” Little did I know that was the beginning of perhaps the most satisfying and rewarding experiences of my life. At his urging, I took my first flight in a small airplane; just once around the pattern and I was hooked.
For me, time building had to serve a purpose other than recency, so I asked “What’s after the Private Pilot Certificate?” With answers in hand it was on to the Instrument Rating and then the Commercial Pilot Certificate. My years as an educator taught me that the best way to learn a subject is to teach it. In an attempt to be a safer, more proficient and knowledgeable pilot, I pursued the Flight Instructor Certificate followed by the Flight Instructor Instrument Certificate. Both Flight Instructor Certificates were earned after completing my training at Voyager.
I am blessed to have the opportunity to be employed at Voyager Aviation as a Flight Instructor. It is truly an environment that is conducive to learning. At Voyager, we are all students, continuously learning and improving. We’re just at different stages of learning and levels of proficiency. My students teach me as much about how to teach as I teach them about how to fly.
My love of teaching allows me to share my passion for flying. Students actually pay me to do the thing I love to do the most, fly. The successes are immediate and the rewards are great. What a wonderful place to teach and learn—what a great job!
Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to Voyager.