Solo Voyager

Solo Voyager, Pest Control Manager

solo2Hi.  My name is Solo, and I am the mascot of Voyager Aviation.  My “official” title and job here at Voyager is Pest Control Manager.  I was adopted from a rescue shelter in 2015 and brought to Voyager to help solve the small critter (rat) problem in the office building.  Late at night, I roam the ceiling attic and chase all of the unwanted pests away. During the day, I present myself well by sitting by the front door greeting every customer who enters, lounging behind the computers taking cat-naps, as well as give a positive display of fun at least twice a day with a performance of cat-play with various toys my favorite customers have purchased for me as gifts.

My name was given to me after Voyager customers and staff voted on an appropriate aviation related name that fit my personality.  I was not named after the Star Wars movie character “Han Solo,” but instead, derived from the fact that I am very independent, no longer need instruction to do my job, and hence…the SOLO cat here at Voyager Aviation.  Who knows, maybe I will someday solo an airplane and earn my wings as well.