Russ McCarthy

Russ McCarthy, A&P Mechanic

russ2Russ is a Commercial pilot; rated in rotary and fixed wing aircraft with an Instrument rating, and a former holder of the FAA IA, with airframe and power plant mechanic certifications.

Russ has been involved in some form of aviation his entire adult life.  Having worked for both Commuter and Regional airlines as an Airframe and Power Plant mechanic with an Inspection Authorization, he rose from an apprentice working under one of the most respected A & P Mechanics in the industry, to manager of the premier FBO on Nantucket Island.

During the early 90’s, Russ lived his dream of operating a helicopter sightseeing business on Cape Cod, specializing in aerial adventures, that included sightseeing, photography, video film work, and the occasional Santa drop events.

After fulfilling his flying dream, Russ spent the next 20 years working for Reginal and International Airports in many different roles, from Department Manager, to Fueling Supervisor, to Aircraft Fire Rescue and Airside Operations Supervisor at one of the busiest International Airports in the country.

Even though Russ is working part-time for Voyager Aviation as an Airframe an Power plant mechanic, he also finds the time to spend with his wife, three daughters, two granddaughters and grandson, while taking advantage of the abundant flying weather Florida has to offer.