Ron Chappell

Ron Chappell, Instructor; Commercial, CFI, MEI, ATP

     Ron ChappellWelcome to Voyager Aviation. You chose a really good Flight School. I retired the fall of 2015 after 35 years as an Air Traffic Controller. I have worked at different Towers and Approach Controls all around the world and can answer your questions about the confusing world of ATC. I started flying in 1983, got my Private, Instrument, Commercial, Certified Flight Instructor’s certificates (CFI and MEI) and Airline Transport Pilot’s license (ATP) in many different types of aircraft. I have a little more than 3000 hours of flight time of which I have given a little more than a 1000 hours of flight instruction. I have never forgotten what it’s like to learn and want you to become very safe and competent in each and every aircraft you fly. My approach to learning is you get what you put into it. My favorite saying is “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.” St. Jerome, born 347.

Learning to fly requires lots of studying on your part. Expect to spend time away from the airport learning rules and concepts. When we fly, I will help you apply the concepts practically by performing the maneuvers in the aircraft. As you gain awareness, understanding and competency with the maneuvers, you will be able to perform them on your own with less and less input from me. When that happens, I will recommend you to be able to do them on your own! All the instructors here at Voyager Aviation are top notch. We instruct because we love to teach, we will give you our best on each and every flight so you can enjoy flying as much as we do. No matter who your instructor at Voyager Aviation is, you have chosen an excellent place to learn. Good luck in your flying ambitions, hope to see you around the flight school very soon.