Mike Goss

Mike Goss, Instructor; CFI, CFII

gossI am originally from the Cleveland Ohio area.  I look forward to being your instructor!

Some of my passion for flight began in high school with an intro class and a flight lesson.  In college at Kent State University, I studied Aerospace Technology, which then led me to my first flight instructor job at American Flyers, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (KCLE).  I also worked various charter jobs at CLE and Ypsilanti, Michigan.

During the 80’s and 90’s, the pilot job market was poor, so I with a fellow pilot started a restaurant, which I later created and ran a construction firm for public utility companies.  In 2014, I discovered, to my disbelief, there was a pilot shortage.  This sparked my original passion of flight and I reconsidered to be an instructor again.  The several years of running my own companies and teaching my employees, only floored me to get back to my first passion of flight and teaching others as well!

First, I had to pursue getting my flight instructor license re-instated, and what better state than beautiful, sunny Florida to complete that.  The most recent 3 years, I have worked as an instructor at a school in Kissimmee, Florida, where I gained more valuable experience.

Another leisurely pastime is water; which a dream job, would be to teach flight near the water.  I never thought I would be working as a flight instructor on the coast of Florida, but on the Space Coast a well!  The staff her at Voyager Aviation goes to great lengths for their students and has created a great learning environment.  I am here to teach others, my passion of flight.