Lynn Faulkner

Lynn Faulkner, Instructor; CFI

20150518_094833     My love for aviation began at a very young age.  I grew up in a small bush village in Alaska.
My dad worked for the national weather service, and on occasion my sister and I would bring him lunch. That is where I was introduced to aviation.  I remember the pilots coming in to get the current weather forecast or just to visit my dad.
My first ride in an airplane was when I was about 8 or so years old.  I remember it was a Cessna 310.  My father chartered the airplane to Nome for the day.
Throughout my high school years, airplanes were how we got around to our ski meets and basketball games, because there are no roads to connect to other villages.  So, you might say I have a lot of air miles in small airplanes.
To be able to share my love of aviation with others and seeing them become a pilot is a rewarding feeling to me.