Geoff Schroeder

Geoff Schroeder, Dispatcher

schroederI was born in San Diego, California in a Naval Medical Hospital, where both my parents were stationed. My mom worked on helicopters and my dad worked on the USS Nimitz Aircraft carrier. He did 3 tours as a Safety officer for Ejections Systems and Life Support Systems on board F-14’s F-18’s, as well as, all other aircraft on deck. I also have had a long line of military family members. This began my love of all things aeronautical.

When I was a toddler, at the Miramar NAS airshow, I got to sit in the Cockpit an F-14B Tomcat on-board the USS Nimitz. Ever since then I have had the aviation bug! Due to so much military family background I have always had a knack for history and the aircraft involved. When I was in school I built models and had them hanging in my bedroom.

I found out about Voyager Aviation through a friend, two and a half years ago, who had done some training here and even worked here for a little while. He told me to apply because even though I’d be behind a desk I’d learn a lot and get to be around aviation! Now I am living my dream and I too am a student of Voyager Aviation and getting to learn how to fly airplanes!