Danny Morris

Danny Morris, Instructor; CFI, CFII, MEI

I was one of those kids that had literally dozens of model aircraft hanging by fishing wire from my bedroom ceiling. Each time I finished building a new model aircraft it would join the dramatic air show looming overhead. I still have the “flying solo” pendant that Eastern Airlines used to give kids flying to or from their parents (or Grandparents) hometown and chaperoned on their flight from departure to destination. And, one of our favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon was to park on the arrival end of Charlotte Douglas Airport and watch the landing planes on short final, a few feet overhead, majestically descend to centerline with a screech of tires and puff of smoke, no doubt from some exotic, far off departure point…
Dreaming of flying for me was just that… a dream. I’d always thought that flying was for the privileged few, the kids of super wealthy parents or those with perfect un-corrected eyesight headed for the military. Never, I thought, could I qualify or even afford “the dream of flight”… My passion for flight would be suppressed. And as school and a career in music took hold, the thought of flying went AWOL…
But, one day visiting my Dad back home, I saw he had a new pilot logbook. I was stunned to learn that “Pops” had started taking flight lessons at a local airport. I asked how he was able to afford it on his modest income and he said you could “pay as go”. He was following his passion for flying and going for it. A friend of mine back in the Washington, DC area, told me he had done the same thing. I thought, “could this be possible for me? On my income?”
So in 1996, after inquiring local flight schools in the area, I signed up for a “Discovery Flight”. After the short, 30 minute flight I was HOOKED! I signed up immediately for the Private Pilot Course and never looked back. I had to “take baby steps” in my training because of job and travels…and income. But, I ordered a home-study ground course, scheduled flight lessons when I could between my work and travels, and in 4 months I had my Private Pilot License. Two months later I started Instrument training, and in 3 months I had the Instrument rating added.
Again, job, travels, family and income have always been an obstacle, but by taking training “baby steps”, I worked all the way through to the Commercial Multi-Single, Advanced Ground and Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument ratings; “living the dream” and following the passion for flight. If I can do it on my income, YOU CAN TO!!
Since moving to Brevard County in 2003, I’ve been a renter, student and Flight Instructor here at Voyager Aviation. The down-home, local Florida vibe and customer service (and prices) here has always stood out. And, the excellent flight training, available facilities and dedication to safety have always been top-notch.
In 2009, I was honored with the opportunity to join the Flight Instructor team here at Voyager Aviation and am excited to help future pilots realize their dream of flight. I certainly remember the excitement and thrills of flight training; and with giving over 1000 hours of Flight and Ground Instruction, I strive to pass that on… and welcome YOU to our team here at Voyager Aviation.