Full Professional Pilot Course

fullfleetimg_4699_cropCourse Price List from Single-engine Private Pilot, Instrument, Multi Engine Commercial.   Students must complete FAA requirements.   Prices are based on FAA MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS.
Students must understand that any additional training will be charged at regular rates.   Discount rate based on payment of course in advance. No other discounts will apply.

Private Pilot:
41.5 hours flight
30 hours flight instruction
Group ground class sessions 35 hours (required)
15 hours flight “pre/post”

Instrument Rating:
30 hours flight
10 hours flight Simulator
40 hours flight instruction
10 hours flight “pre/post”
Group ground class sessions (required)
Instrument Rating Total

Commercial Time-Building:
160 hours solo flight

Commercial Multi-Engine Training:
20 hours flight in Seminole
20 hours flight instruction
8 hours flight/ground “pre/post”
lRequired Supplies
Text Books and Flight Bag

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